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BERSON legge BERLUSCONI - episodio 4. IL brevetto
It presents a farmer really I wanted to know if this is the patent office it is the patent office vulissi make u patent here's someone who wants to take the piss right in the middle of August but I vulissi make u patent cards documents? No I have not but I want it to be patented directly and that would be the thing? an Apple you heard right? we are here with 38 degrees to make patenting an apple It is but mine is a special apple special? He knows Pussy Pussy? you and I really tasted but he knows Butt eh turn it.
BERSON legge BERLUSCONI - episodio 7. Un tedesco
There is an Italian who teaches at a German how to conquer a beautiful lady.
Says to him: do this, do this other and then, finally Take the champagne and pour it on the front and Suggi from under and he says: "Pello" "Pello" "Pellissimo" "You can do with Pyrrha?".
DISCORSO BERLUSCONI - La miglior parodia su Youtube

Berlusconi vs Schulz song - Claudio Mirone - Gecko's Tube

Matteo Salvini & Striscia... Da Berlusconi?
He says that soon there will be a face-to-face with Berlusconi.
Tell the truth, she fears Berlusconi.
Because to do a face to face, she must drop their TROUSERS?.
Berlusconi e il bombardamento della sinistra
Dear citizens of the state service we are plunged into a depression kills companies, which kills young people, killing parents you do in such cases? we have become a country where there is more certainty in the tax bombing tax bombing A certain Silvio Berlusconi It enjoys total irresponsibility of total immunity for this it is necessary that all of us engaged in the war machine! I will fight to obtain the bombing of the left They managed to condemn to 10 billion prison For an alleged dirty sick paradoxical monstrous evasion 10 billion I repeat billion 10 billion euro I have committed no crime AHAHAHAHAHA I am not guilty of anything AHAHAHAH I am absolutely innocent eheheheh.
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