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There are 3 great moments in my opinion from the Silvio Berlusconi era The first is Arrigo Sacchi's Milan, because I look at the international trophies as those are the ones that are remembered across the world This is why Milan is Milan in the world, it's an international brand and the biggest in the world because its won so much more than the other Italian teams internationally Every year 53 teams with Berlusconi win their respective national league titles, but only one team wins the Champions League.
Legendary status goes to who wins the Champions League So, the 2 Champions League titles won by Arrigo Sacchi in 1989 and 1990.
It's also worth remembering that since then no side has ever won 2 successive Champions League titles Berlusconi Beato. Then there was the great period under Fabio Capello, where we reached 3 finals in a row: 1993, 1994 and 1995 We won one of them and lost the other 2 but they were 3 finals one after the other So to recap, a great period 89/90, then 93 to 95 and then another great period from 2003 to 2007 3 amazing moments with 3 incredible coaches.
I don't know if something like that will be repeated.
Berlusconi Beato
I would like to thank the other Members who have spoken - Mr Graham Watson, Mrs Monica Frassoni, Mr Francis Wurtz, Mr Berlusconi for wishing me success in my work.
But I must, however, reply to him and to all those who have given an utterly distorted view of Italy that is far from the truth.
I invite them to enjoy something that Berlusconi's government clearly couldn't deny: That is the sun, the beauty, 100.
000 monuments and churches of Italy, 3.
500 museums, 2.
500 archaeological sites, 40.
000 Historical houses that we did not manage to destroy in these two years Mr Schultz, I know there is a producer in Italy who is editing a film about Nazi concentration camps.
I will suggest you for the role of guard.
About the conflict of interest, which many people talked about, maybe you don't know the fact that the Italian newspapers, but primarily the TV-Channels which still belong to my group and my family are among our heaviest criticizers.
Why? Why? Clearly, you miss the sun of Italy, you never came and never turned on never turned on an italian TV.
Because you should know, and many of you come from journalism (Gianfranco Fini leaves) you should know that every journalist has as his top priority to seem independent from his colleagues and this independence brings him to be every day more critical towards the one he considers to be his boss.
If this is the form of democracy that you intend to use to shut down the words of the President of the European Council, I can tell you that you should come AH! as tourists in Italy, but that here, you look like "tourists of democracy" some "tourists of democracy" and yachts. Read more about Italy!
I have been six years leader of the opposition in Italy you don't scare me with your words, I am accustomed to debates.
About immigration, I would like to remind you that if there is a country which has its cultural roots in Christianity a generous country, prone to help who has less and suffers, this country I can proudly say it is MY country, it is Italy!.
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Berlusconi in Italy
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